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Happy Pet Owners

Here’s What They’re Saying

"April is amazing!!! Aside from helping my dog learn specific commands, she taught me to communicate with my dog by understanding his motivations, body language, and cues. We rescued a 3 year old beagle/chihuahua mix who would bark terribly at everything, run away whenever the door was opened, and knew no commands. I would try to train him on my own but you could tell that he was frustrated because he didn't understand what I was asking him to do and would just start bark-whining after a few minutes. April was like a magician and within the first lesson she was on his level and then soon so was I! I can now better predict which dogs he will get along with, and how to motivate him and reward him. Her prices are also very affordable and I really feel good about how far my dog has come. She helped us bond and I can't recommend her enough!"

Jess T.

"We adopted a puppy a few weeks ago and wanted to begin training him as soon as possible.  April was absolutely wonderful in helping us with common commands and guided us through the first few weeks.  Next, we focused on more challenging issues (biting, eating anything/everything on walks, leash/harness training).  Again, her advice was spot on and she left us with fabulous tools to help us.  

We are just thrilled with April.  Our pup is drawn to her warm and friendly personality and we couldn't be happier with April's knowledge and training tools.  She provides us with everything we need to ensure our young pup grows into a good doggy citizen.

We highly recommend April and will continue to have sessions with her.  Her pricing is very reasonable for the amount of time and education she provides.

Core Canine/April's 5 star rating is very well deserved!" 


"Olivia (no relation to me) was incredible. She introduced a very excitable dog to down, place, touch, stay, and drop-it in a single session and had him doing all of those by the end of our time together. More importantly: she understood what our dog needed in ways that we didn't and was able to clearly communicate what we needed to do in our time together. We definitely feel like we understand him so much better now, and he's making great progress. Can't recommend her enough."

Olivia M.

"Olivia was really fantastic with my 1 year and 4 month old toy Australian shepherd, Avery. I asked a ton of questions, and she was able to provide me with helpful advice for everything, from ways to deal with leash pulling and overexcitement, to the benefits of set meals rather than free-feeding, to tips for potty training at different locations, etc. Avery picked up new tricks such as touch, focus, stay, and heel extremely quickly with Olivia's help. Olivia taught me plenty of techniques both for training and managing Avery's behavior, and she even stayed for a little extra time to make sure I had all the information I needed. She is clearly very knowledgeable, has lots of experience working with dogs, and is super friendly and approachable. Thank you so much, Olivia and Core Canine!"

Audrey S.

"Great training, came here for puppy class. I have had decent success in my own with my girl River, but coming here has really helped push it over the edge. I definitely recommend Core Canine for any new or old dog owners!"

Justin S.

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