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"April is a life saver. My adorable, fingers-and-toes chomping pup has been stubborn and difficult to train. We did a private session with April in my apartment where April walked both of us through several key commands - Drop It, Leave It, Touch (Come), Stay (Wait) - and also how to deal with frantic biting and not listening. While I wouldn't say my dog is perfectly behaved yet (she's only five months), we have both definitely made progress thanks to April's advice. We have another session coming up in September and I can't wait to learn some new stuff!"

Erin S. 

Arilington, VA


"April is amazing!!! Aside from helping my dog learn specific commands, she taught me to communicate with my dog by understanding his motivations, body language, and cues. We rescued a 3 year old beagle/chihuahua mix who would bark terribly at everything, run away whenever the door was opened, and knew no commands. I would try to train him on my own but you could tell that he was frustrated because he didn't understand what I was asking him to do and would just start bark-whining after a few minutes. April was like a magician and within the first lesson she was on his level and then soon so was I! I can now better predict which dogs he will get along with, and how to motivate him and reward him. Her prices are also very affordable and I really feel good about how far my dog has come. She helped us bond and I can't recommend her enough!"

Jess T. 

Alexandria, VA


"We adopted a puppy a few weeks ago and wanted to begin training him as soon as possible.  April was absolutely wonderful in helping us with common commands and guided us through the first few weeks.  Next, we focused on more challenging issues (biting, eating anything/everything on walks, leash/harness training).  Again, her advice was spot on and she left us with fabulous tools to help us.  

We are just thrilled with April.  Our pup is drawn to her warm and friendly personality and we couldn't be happier with April's knowledge and training tools.  She provides us with everything we need to ensure our young pup grows into a good doggy citizen.

We highly recommend April and will continue to have sessions with her.  Her pricing is very reasonable for the amount of time and education she provides.

Core Canine/April's 5 star rating is very well deserved!" 



Alexandria, VA





"April is worth every penny, and many more.  We had her come to our place for a private session to get our puppy started on obedience training, and after a successful morning, immediately decided to start her puppy kindergarten course that began the next day.  Over 5 weeks, we could see our puppy start to 'get' what we wanted him to do in certain situations, and when we spoke to her about trouble with him on the leash, she even came out to our place again after class to give us some more in-depth help with ways to keep our little guy behaving well on walks.  It's immediately clear when working with her that she wants everyone that she works with to develop a great relationship with their dog, and shows you how to build that with positive reinforcement methods."


Alan and Bre

Alexandria, VA 





"There is a reason Core Canine has five stars-- she is such a talented, loving trainer. 

My pup, Bingsu, is five months old and needed some guidance on simple commands. April came (with plenty of high quality treats and sage advice) and showed him the ropes. When he wasn't "getting" some of the commands because of his terrier stubbornness and puppy attention span-- April said that she would come back again... At no charge! Two full sessions. She really has a great business model. 

Bingsu can now sit, stay, leave it, and wait! Thank you, April!!"


Amy B. 

Arlington, VA





"Highly recommend April from core canine! Our puppy loved working with her and he has been so much more responsive to her guidance. Well worth the money! April is also super friendly, easy to work with, clearly loves the dogs. We could not be more grateful to her and her services."


Lindsay J.

Washington D.C.





"We had our first session with April and our 12 week old pup. Our pup warmed to her immediately and April's techniques and encouragement had him learning quickly. We are greatly looking forward to more sessions with April!" 


Monica L. 

Alexandria, VA





"We came home from a dog adoption with more than we could chew.  The kids  (5 and 3) had fallen in love with him.  He was a puppy with massive paws and the last thing the adoption agency said as we finalized the paperwork was “maybe he’s part mastiff too.”  We called April. 


We had lots of reservations about this situation.  The kids were so small.  The dog would be so big.  She worked with the whole family one-on-one and helped us to work with Pumpkin.  She had strategies in hand and homework for everyone.  Even the three-year-old looked the puppy in the eye (at eye level to boot) and commanded him to “Focus, Focus, Focus”. 


We had some setbacks.  Some puppy play became roughhousing and he now outweighed the kids.   We called April.  She was a great sounding board.  She gave us some strategies for adjusting the behavior and was understanding as we weighed our optons.  She also stopped by to evaluate Pumpkin for any signs of aggression we may be overlooking.


In August Pumpkin celebrated his first birthday and his 6th month with the family.  Throughout April provided great guidance, was a very helpful sounding board, and was both pragmatic and sympathetic as we evaluated this new member of the family.  We can’t recommend her enough.


Go Packers."


Kim and Tim

Burke, VA





"We acquired a rescue dog from Dogs XL in October 2013.  We thought we could leave our precious new 8 month old in the house while we were out for a while like we could all of our past dogs.  We came home to a mess of papers and anything else she could get a hold of torn up and strewn throughout the family room!!  Luckily for us, April had been our home inspector with Dogs XL and was in the process of earning her dog training certification so we were quick to have her help us with Brandy.   She came out the next day and within minutes, Brandy was happily and willingly going into a crate.  April continued to successfully work with Brandy in numerous training areas.  She shows not only an invaluable knowledge of training techniques, but her patience and love for animals is unmatched.  I would highly recommend April for any of your pet needs and any kind of training whatsoever!!" 

Kathy and David
Annandale, VA 



"My experience with April was great. As a first time dog owner, she understood that I needed as much coaching as my dog. After a few sessions with her I had a lot more confidence in myself and my ability to make my dog as happy as possible. My dog was really comfortable around her, but I'd been nervous about getting a trainer because - I'd assumed then the dog would listen to the trainer and not me. That was totally not the case. The environment provided was perfect and exactly what I had been hoping for. She really listened to what I was specifically worried about (my dog being a rescue, leash behavior and possible aggression) and tailored our sessions to fit my concerns and the dogs needs. She was awesome. I've already recommended her to a few friends." 


Arlington, VA

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